folding panama hat

folding panama hat


hand woven in Ecuador in the most beautiful fine panama straw this hat is a classic. comes complete with jfmilliner branded balsa wood box for travel.

Size Small x 1

Size Medium x 2

Size Large x 2

Size XLarge x 2

Care instructions sent with every purchase. 

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probably one of the worlds finest hats the folding panama was woven for us in Ecuador to our specifications. just roll it up and pack into the *balsa wood box and into your suitcase when travelling. the more you handle your panama to make it the shape you want, the better.

a wonderful bleached colour in the softest, waxy Panama straw, this hat is trimmed in classic black petersham.

an assortment of sizes, this is a unisex hat, suitable for both males and females, deep round crown, please send your head size. size is obtained by measuring straight around the head above the eye brows, tape measure should be firm (easier to get someone else to do this for you)

we pack and send all over the world.

*travel (balsa) box should be used only for travel and not for hat storage.


Start with the Panama as normal

·         Fold the brim down all the way round

·         Push in one side of the crown, folding along the front-back crease

·         Push the rest of the side of the hat in so that you end up with one half of the hat inside the other

·         Start to roll the hat from the front edge

·         Ensure the centre of the crown is not rolled too tightly, otherwise you risk breaking the fibres

·         Secure and insert into the provided balsa wood box

·         Flick to reinstate (merely reverse the above procedure)

·         We recommend that you unfold the hat as soon as possibleThe hat should be stored unfolded, out of direct sunlight.

·         Once unrolled, the hat may take a little while to settle into shape, depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.

·         If necessary leave the hat in a steamy bathroom will speed the process.