All items are hand made by me or selected to express my taste. Some are made for me and follow my ethos, my eye for detail and equality, enjoy !

the big move

the big move

Dec 21 2015

the mammoth task is finally complete, packing and sending ahead an entire studio is very full-on. my new studio took some time to arrange and now in theory I have all in its place (!)   the building process, first photo shows why I moved....out of the rat race and into the countryside. the palm tree photo is my actual view from my studio back door.......

2014-12-17 09.37.09.jpg
2014-12-16 16.08.16.jpg
2014-12-16 16.06.54.jpg
2014-12-22 09.42.36.jpg
2014-12-23 10.13.51.jpg
2014-12-28 18.00.39.jpg
hrh camilla duchess of cornwall and charles

hrh camilla duchess of cornwall and charles

large brim panama repair